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Budget Twice, Allocate Once
Budget Twice, Allocate Once

Measure Twice, Cut Once::  It's a seamstresses or a carpenters manta - if you are sure you know what size you need something to be, you can cut the raw material with confidence. 

Let's do that with our budgets!

What does that mean?

Budget Twice:: Said another way, analyze your budget six ways to Sunday. Take the most realistic number and add a contingency. Budget for everything! You are on a spring break trip, right now while reading this. Did you plan for it? You can! I always advise to budget for the fun stuff!!! A budget is just a plan for your cash flow.💪🏻

Allocate Once:: Either within your payroll system or once your pay hits your bank, put the money where it needs to go. And you might just get away without a monthly review of your budget if you know where the cash is going in and out! 

Intrigued, but still uncertain? Consider.....
  • If you have accounts for 
    👦🏽Kid's Activities 
    💫Short-term Savings
To Make this work for you....
  • If you put more IN than you take OUT of each, then you don't have to do a budget check each month IF you are comfortable with the status of each account. Whenever you want to move allocations, I would advise doing 3 or more months of budget reviews so you know what funds can be moved and know if something needs to be cut back so you can enjoy something else!

    So how does this help in the Save $$ in a Year Challenge!? Well. Full disclosure, this is exactly what I am doing, and it's an emotional test of my will and focus. 🤪😅 I had to move stuff around and change some habits but I have now funds where I can't see them, thanks to allocating them to my short-term savings account. 

    Tell me if you allocate your cash flow? Or do you prefer one account? There's no wrong answers!💃🏻

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