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'22 Designed By you

Don't miss this on-demand course that will guide you through building a vision board and a budget for this year, the next 5 years, and into retirements.

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Curated Book List

Courtesy of The Snail on The Wall, the Huntsville-based bookstore without a store, we have curated a reading list for the Money & Merlot woman.

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100% YES

What's the best thing about this community? The teacher! Everyone commenting things they have done; good or bad. No judgment, free and open discussion. ❤️ Different viewpoints and experiences. Level of respect no matter someone’s level of knowledge or life situation.

Jen from Huntsville says: I called the other day to tell you that I talked to my trainer about how he does stocks. I honestly wouldn't have [asked for help with buying stocks] it wasn't for your group. Before that I was too overwhelmed to ask, lol. I thought you would like to know your group is helping. 😊 I like that it makes me think about things and motivates me to start taking action on things I've been thinking about for a while but just didn't move out on. I did decide though that after I set aside the money [for TSP/retirement] I think I want to get a separate ROTH IRA too. Something about the no future taxes on it just really appeals to me, lol. And it made me think of things to talk to [boyfriend] about for his retirement. I know he set aside money for his kids but I don't know what he's done for himself.