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Power Pose
Can You Do Me A Favor?

The next time you look at yourself in the mirror, will you assume the Wonder Woman power pose?

While you are in this power pose, can you say "My financial future is worth my attention. I can and I will take the next step. I will fake it until I become comfortable and confident with my finances."

Science tells us that 2 minutes in this (or any) power pose will boost confidence, comfort, and assertiveness.  

Maybe your next step is...
  • Gather and understand your current financial situation 

    ▫️Identify a payment to automate

    ▫️Build a down-payment or a full payment

    ▫️Open a 529 for your child/grandchild

    ▫️Sell something you own so that you either increase cash flow or have an one time increase of cash

    ▫️Open a brokerage account 

    ▫️Research various investing strategies 

    ▫️Buy silver or gold

Show Me Your Power POse!
  • What's Your Next Move?

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